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Whether you need replacement, bred,or show heifers, Beaty Farms offers the niche that you need filled with quality you can trust.

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Beaty Farms is a family owned and operated registered and commercial cow-calf operation located in Denton County near Aubrey, Texas.  The land at our headquarters on Blackjack Road West has been in agricultural production by the Beaty family for four generations.

 Our first Registered Brangus cattle were purchased in 1991.    Since then our goal has been to improve the genetics of the herd by introducing top quality bulls, by purchasing additional quality females, and by developing our own replacement cattle.    

In 2008, we began a new branch of Beaty Farms:  “Beaty Farms All Natural Beef” which is processed, frozen and packaged under our own private label.These steers have never had hormones, never had antibiotics, and have never been fed any animal by-products.  Beaty Farms is certified under the Texas Beef Quality Producer Program. 

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Beaty Farms
All-Natural Beef

Picture of a NY Strip SteakBeaty Farms offers locally grown, hormone-free, delicious beef in a multitude of cuts and styles. Find out where to purchase today!

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Premium Cattle
For Sale

Picture of HeifersBeaty Farms creates quality cattle for our customers by focusing on appearance as well as performance through cutting edge technologies.

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Quality Sires for
Quality Herds

Picture of A Herd SireAn important decision a rancher will face is choosing a Herd Sire. Beaty Farms wants to help by helping supply a quality sire for your next high quality herd. 

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