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Beaty Farms cattle are raised from the highest quality stock in Texas. Full information is available on our registered Brangus herd sires.

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Beaty Farms All-Natural Beef

The USDA has established a voluntary standard establishing the minimum requirements for naturally raised livestock for the production of meat and meat products. That standard states they must be raised entirely without growth promotants, antibiotics (except for ionophores used as coccidiostats for parasite control), and never been fed animal by-products.

The All Natural Beef sold under the Beaty Farms label has been naturally raised without the use of growth hormones. Animal by-products are never fed to any cattle on the family farm. An animal that has had antibiotics during its lifetime is never offered for sale as ALL NATURAL. Low-stress handling methods are used at Beaty Farms and cattle graze free range. ALL NATURAL calves are sold as a whole beef or half beef at $3.95 per pound live weight. Delivery to a local processing plant is included. A calf weighing 1100 lbs. would yield approximately  630 lbs. hanging weight - when processed and packaged would yield approximately 500 lbs. finished beef. These weights will vary with each calf. The customer is responsible for the processing charges and delivery fee.   Live weight grass-fed beef is available by special order for whole steers only.

Buy Beef Locally

Individual packages of beef are also available for customers who want just a few pounds. BEATY FARMS ALL NATURAL BEEF IS SOLD ON SATURDAY MORNINGS AT THE DENTON COUNTY FARMERS MARKET on Carroll Blvd. from the first Saturday in April through November, and on the family farm at 2400 Blackjack Road West, Aubrey, Texas.

Just taste and see if it is not the best beef you have ever eaten!


Cuts and Prices

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Beaty Farms Package Label

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Cut Price Unit
Tenderloin Filet 34.00 lb
Porterhouse Steak 24.25 lb
New York Strip 23.50 lb
Boneless Rib Eye 23.50 lb
T-bone 23.50  
Top Sirloin 21.50 lb
Tenderized Cutlets 13.00 lb

Chopped Sir Steak



Cut Price Unit
Rump or Bottom Round Roast  11.25 lb
Arm/Shoulder Roast  11.25 lb
Chuck Roast  11.25 lb
Eye of Round Roast N/A lb
Sirloin Tip Roast 14.50 lb
Cut Price Unit
Ground Beef  (extra Lean)  10.25 lb
Ground Beef  (5 - 1 lb pkgs.)  48.00 lb
Ground Sirloin (coarse ground)  15.50 lb
5 oz Patties (3/pkg. extra lean)   11.75 pkg
Sq.  Patties (2/pkg, extra Lean)    N/A pkg
Cut Price Unit
Summer Sausage  N/A lb
Beef Bacon  N/A lb
Brisket   10.20 lb
1 in. Cubes for Stew   11.00 lb
Sliced Liver (1 lb pkg)            9.00 lb
Flank Steak (For fajitas)  16.20 lb
Skirt Steak (For fajitas)  14.75 lb
Heart (whole or half)    9.00 lb
Kidney    9.00 lb
Tongue   11.00 lb
Oxtail   12.50 lb
Short Ribs/BBQ Ribs  10.50 lb
Soup Bones    8.75 lb
Bones for Broth    7.00 lb
Dog Bones     4.00 lb.
Tallow (5# bag)   10.00 lb.